Watch out for SAORVIEW and SAORSAT .



SAORVIEW is the new Digital Terrestrial Television Service due to go fully live on October 24th. The service is free but in order to receive it you need a special set top box or an advanced type of television set with a built in reception capability. Most people will also need an external UHF aerial in order to receive the new service.

What is SAORSAT?

A percentage of the population will not be able to receive SAORVIEW even with an outdoor aerial and in order to facilitate these households RTE have developed SAORSAT which is the SAORVIEW service  available via satellite from KA SAT @ 9 degrees  east. At the moment TV 3 have not committed to the SAORSAT service but all of the other SAORVIEW channels are there.

Because we take our broadband service from KA SAT we are in an ideal position  to also provide the SAORSAT television service from the same dish as we provide your broadband service. We can also  provide  200 digital television channels including whatever high definition channels are available free to air together with the SAORSAT channels . All of these channels are  FREE ie. no monthly charge.

You only have to pay for the hardware and installation fee and that is that  – no more monthly tv payments.

The installation cost including the set top box will be    ????????

Below we show a cross section of channels available.

Should you require Sky Movies or Sky sports this service can be obtained via our satellite dish